When Zeus sent two eagles, each from the Eastern and Western edges of the world, they met over the omphalos (the navel) of the earth, in Delphi. The site of the famous oracle, known in classical times as Pythia, has been handing out her cryptic advice since 1400 BC. Whether you’re still up for a meeting with the oracle or not, you’ll totally understand why she loves it here. The temple of Apollo is set in an amazing mountainous amphitheatre. You can’t help but breathe in the history of the site of the precursor to the Olympic games as well as the unique musical competition of the ancient world, the mousikos agon. Arm yourself with some good walking shoes and avoid the heat of high summer in order to allow for a full sensory adventure in this setting. You will find no bigger fans of the Parthenon than us Everymatics but it is so worth the few hours it will take you to drive here. Have a look around but above all, take a seat and feel the footsteps of those who came before you.

After all your spiritually heightened cultural adventures, you’ll surely deserve a treat. Why not stop in the picturesque town of Arachova, the main skiing venue of well-to-do Athenians. Out of season this place is even prettier, hanging on the side of Mount Parnassus and offering plenty of cute coffee stops. But … lets face it, we’re in Greece so you might as well do what the locals do. Eat well and do as much of that eating by the sea. So keep going for an extra half an hour and Galaxidi will not disappoint. A perfect layover so you can combine the Delphi culture trek with a swim and a lovely evening or two in this cute port town where you can definitely eat, drink and be merry.

Once the proud owner of a rich commercial fleet, Galaxidi has kept true to its roots. There are still working boats here, maybe not of the stature so beautifully remembered in its nautical museum, but a beating seafaring heart nonetheless. The 19th century mansion houses are everywhere you look, full of accents of colour, both from their gardens and their shipping décor. There are crystal clear waters all around and many points where the rocky terrain allows for a little safe passage into that heavenly Corinthian Gulf blue. Hasn’t all this exercise made you hungry though? It certainly did us. Fear not, you will be fed well here. The local guest houses pride themselves on offering breakfasts made for kings. Kickstarted by the always welcoming owners of the Ganimede hotel, you will leave with a smile on your face and a very happy belly. Make sure you work it off though because you’ll want to make way for a seafood dinner at Μaritsa’s gem of a restaurant or a true meat fest in the village of Agioi Pantes. The best of both worlds you say? Oh most definitely so and much much more. Ancient ruins, beautiful architecture, food and sea. A perfect weekend away, a few hours from Athens airport.