A personal favourite here at Everymatic HQ.

It takes a while to get to Kythera and you definitely need a car/motorbike /good walking shoes to really get around and take advantage of the many beaches and places to eat. If that doesn’t put you off, you’re going to fall in love with this place. Tourism only makes for a small percentage of the island’s economy so you’ll be looked after like a friend rather than a euro sign.

This place has it all:

Dramatic beaches and clear blue waters

Great food at even better prices

A laid back attitude, a world away from big hotel development, loud clubs and reality series about badly behaved Northern Europeans

On one island you can find stunning barren landscapes, forests, waterfalls, sleepy ports and welcoming mountain village squares

Local products worth taking home like sea salt, honey, rusks, pottery etc.


Top tips:

Do not leave without walking around the main town and going for a drink in sleepy Avlemonas (Arachtopoleio, which roughly translated means the place providing a proper chill out, is our special favourite)

You might never want to leave Filio, probably the island’s most famous restaurant. We went back enough times to order the full menu…


All photographs courtesy Andrew Harrison and Lili Harges.