Lesvos is a holiday destination that’s neither hidden away, nor part of the main tourist trail. Apart from the daily sea and air links from Athens, there are direct flights from Gatwick and Manchester, as well as many other Northern European airports. It has everything you could possibly want from a Greek holiday without the mass commercialisation affecting other parts of the Med.

What takes your fancy?

Byzantine and medieval castles, Hellenistic theatres, museums and traditional architecture or even a short boat ride to Troy.

The famous petrified forest and a huge array of migratory and local bird species along with Mediterranean and Asian flowers and trees. Aristotle spent some time here, taking in what the island and its nature had to offer and made huge progress in zoological studies.

The gay-friendly ‘countercultural’ Skala Eressou, the home of Sappho and Theophrastos.

The picture perfect Molyvos in all its medieval glory. It will steal your heart away.

Food glorious food. Amazing seafood and mouth-watering mezedes with Greek and Turkish influences, delicacies for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

Relaxation for a few euros; the unique combo of hotter than hot natural springs by the sea so you can enjoy a day at the spa and the beach at the same time.

Oh and did we mention that little known drink ouzo? A LOT of it, and for many the best of it is made on the island. So it would be rude to say no, wouldn’t it?

Endless options. It’s the third largest Greek island and offers everything from lush forests to a wide selection of beaches, picturesque mountain villages to the main port of Mytilene, with all its mod cons and hidden away gems. Kalnterimi restaurant in Mytilene town has etched itself on our brain and our bellies and we will be counting the days until we meet again!

We would like to thank the lovely people at the following hotels for their hospitality:

Molyvos I
Aeolian Gaea
Pyrgos / Clara / Archontiko Petras

All photographs courtesy Matt Barrett at Lesvos.com